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The School of Self-Mastery podcast is all about business, money and life. I talk with guests who have created a RICH life for themselves, not because they’re bathing in money, (although they may be doing that too) but because they’ve defined and created success on their own terms, through their own personal successful habits. Habits are the root of simplifying your success I also appear solo two days a week to dive deeper into self-mastery topics and give actionable takeaways you can start applying today.
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Apr 28, 2016

Jordana Jaffe teaches women entrepreneurs who are introverts or homebodies how to create their own super engaged Facebook group and successfully participate in other groups so that they can grow their online community + get clients while staying at home in their cozy pjs. She focuses on helping you achieve massive engagement, major growth and mega expert by using the magic and power of Facebook groups.

In this episode we're discussing:

:: the first few things to do when starting a FB group

:: who should start a FB group

:: how to grow your group

:: how to increase engagement

:: how to inspire your community in your FB group to become paying clients

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Apr 26, 2016

I'm back in the triathlon game as of this weekend. I put a hold on my racing game all of last year to focus on growing the business, but I've officially registered for a few races at the end of summer to get my head back in the game. 

I've always been an athlete and there is something primal within me that feels the need to compete and race {I've felt this since I was a little girl}. 

I wanted to break down in this episode some of the traits and skills that being an athlete has taught me that I can also bring to my business. 

1. Discipline.

It’s not the will to win that matters -- everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.  -- Paul “Bear” Bryant

Everyone wants to show up on race day and win, but the athletes who win are winning because they have prepared in advance and committed to the training. 

The same thing is true in business. You can’t expect to win on race day without showing up and preparing. This means taking action even when you don’t “feel” like it. 

2. Handling fear, risks, and uncertainty

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. -- Babe Ruth

Being able to handle uncertainty, risks, & fear is essential to creating success, and stepping outside of your comfort zone is what cultivates growth. Athletes understand this and are able to push through when necessary.

3. Resilience.

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. -- Michael Jordan

I’ve interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs for my podcast, The School of Self-Mastery podcast, and every single one of them has identified that their successes are a results of their failures. 

There are going to be tons of missed shots, slow races, injuries, and lost games on the road to a world championship. If we are willing to reflect and learn from our failures, they are the reasons for our success.

4. Commitment to growth

Athletes spend time honing their craft, they know there is always room for improvement and they’re willing to spend the money, time and energy to ensure they enhance their skill sets, they know that if they’re not getting better, they’re getting left behind.  

I have personally spent thousands of dollars on courses, mentors, certifications, and books because in my mind it’s no different than my life as an athlete and hiring the best trainer, equipment or coach to get me to the next level, to push me to places I couldn’t go on my own, and to improve my game.

5. Run Your Own Race

Most business owners want to look around, look ahead, and look behind to see who's creeping up, but the that will only cause you to trip and fall. Keeping your head in your own game is critical to your success and improvement. 

As a triathlete, I know that the only person I'm really competing with each race day is myself. I can only realistically compare myself to my best time, and work towards achieving a PR that day on the course. 

Constant comparison will slow you down, mess with your mind, and cause you to lose focus on what YOU really want. 

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Apr 21, 2016

Kelly Roach, CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, is a business growth strategist and peak performance coach who takes exhausted, overwhelmed entrepreneurs and turns them into results-generating business owners who have finally take control of their business. Kelly is a thought leader in the link between exercise and empowerment and developed the life-changing new program, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Kelly is the host of the hit podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio, and author of the international bestseller, UNSTOPPABLE: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and in Life.

Kelly has a background in corporate, crushing every record at a Fortune 500 firm and becoming the youngest senior vice president at the company. She was achieving success at work, but feeling unfulfilled. Kelly built Kelly Roach Coaching while working full-time at her corporate job, so she knows first-hand the common struggles that entrepreneurs face. She is also a wife and mom, much like many of her clients so she understands the need for work-life balance while achieving business goals.

In this episode we dive deep into what it really takes to create success, why most people fail, how to celebritize yourself quickly, how to be unstoppable in business, and how to determine if you're not working or if it's not working. 

If you're looking to celebritize yourself through a podcast, download Kelly's podcasting starter guide by texting PODCASTLAUNCH to 44222.

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Apr 19, 2016

A successful business includes these three elements: message, messenger, and medium.

Message: What's being said.

Messenger: Who's saying it.

Medium: How it’s being said.

While most people hyper-focus on the message, rack their brains, bang their heads and then give up because their message wasn't unique enough, I want to approach this from a different angle.

The message has already been said.

Everything that will be said has already been said.

So, stop worrying so much about that and instead focus on your role as the messenger. The person who needs to deliver it.

There is someone out there in the interwebs, or even in real life, who needs to hear that exact message from YOU in order for it to sink in, to make sense, or to cause them to act.

The messenger is something that gets overlooked, but it's the most important piece.

Has this ever happened to you...someone said something to you 6 different times, but when someone else said it the first time, it clicked.

Of course it has. And you are the CLICK for someone else.

Go be a messenger.

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Apr 14, 2016

Genavieve Shingle Jaffe is our very own sparkly lawyer here to help you cover your beautiful business booty with legit legal protection. She runs a law practice, Genavieve Shingle Law, and is the co-creator of the on-line legal course, Damsel goes bare™, where she educates and empowers female entrepreneurs with the legal side of their business. She believes in magic, unicorns, pink hair, miracles and that mint chocolate chip ice cream is a perfectly acceptable dinner. To learn more about her, come say hello at

Legal is something that is important for every single business owner and yet something that a majority overlook because they think it's not as crucial or that it's going to cost too much money or that it's too scary. Gena is here to change the face of lawyer for entrepreneurs - to make the law more accessible and sparkly!

We're covering:

  • the most important legal docs to have when starting or growing your biz
  • the 3 docs you NEED to have on your website {and why they're important}
  • the main reason you need a client agreement and how to make sure it's working to protect you and your business
  • how to make sure you're keeping your intellectual property protected

Gena has a FREE 6 part video series where she's sharing FREE LEGAL with you to make sure your business is legit legally protected. Get access here! 

Apr 12, 2016

I stood up Oprah this weekend.

About a month or so ago, my girl, Marie Forleo, shared that she'd be speaking at Oprah's Super Soul Sunday in LA and they were selling tickets to attend.

I thought it would be super cool and inspiring to be in the room with Oprah, Marie, and some other incredible humans.

So, I bought the ticket. Booked the flight {in and out within 36 hours to LA}.

Then I had the most incredibly inspiring {yet, exhausting} weekend in Vegas last weekend, a red-eye flight home and over 30 hours of just client calls and meetings, workshops, etc this week.

Plus...I hadn't had any real quality alone time with Tyler in two weeks because of travel.

I canceled.

I lost some money.

I decided that if I went, yes I would be inspired, but would it align with my goals? Move my business forward? Ehh, maybe. {But probably not - no offense Oprah!}

Not really aligned with what I'm working on...And I still have tons of stuff to implement from last weekend, so I don't need more of that if I'm being honest with myself.

The part of my business that needed me the most this weekend was the part that takes time away.

My fiancé needed more than my business needed me this weekend.

My fiancé and pups wanted to spend time with me more than Oprah did {the cold hard truth}.

And while saying no was really hard and sure I got FOMO probably 66 times today...I had an incredible, and much needed day with my man {and pups}.

Which I guarantee will allow me to pour into my business and into my clients next week way more than sitting in the same room as Oprah will. {maybe?}

I knew taking the red-eye home tonight -- I'd be on a plane at this very moment - would mean another week where I just tried to play catch up the entire time.

Not cute for me.

Sometimes the thing your business needs is not more inspiration, not more business, but rather MORE LIFE.

Your business needs you to have a life. That's where creativity lives. That's where ideas emerge. That's where you create the internal freedom.

When you're making decisions for YOUR business - ask if it's aligned with your goals, if it's not, it's a no 🙌🏻

So, today I stood up Oprah, but I don't think she missed me.

When thinking about my whole "permission to hustle" concept -- this is actually the EPITOME of hustling in my mind.

Yes, not going to this event was hustling.

How, you ask? Because it had nothing to do with my goals.

I don't want you to hustle for the sake of it, or work non-stop! I want you to get smart and strategic about what you need to be focused on and hustle on that! That's where permission to hustle comes in. This isn't about burning out, it's about taking ambition and turning it into action unapologetically, but only when it aligns with the results you want to create.

Oprah didn't align for me this weekend.

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Apr 7, 2016

Vasavi Kumar is often described as "your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination.” She is a licensed social worker, special education teacher, and a certified coach. Vasavi holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University. She's a pro at attracting media and works with her clients to create and go after opportunities that are aligned with their brand values. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, was a regular on NBC’s Kansas City Live as the “Keepin’ It Real Guru.” and was on VH1’s Basketball Wives where she coached one of the main stars of the show. She truly believes that with impeccable character, work ethic, and unwavering values, you can do, be and have anything you want.

Vasavi and I talk about some unconventional things in this episode, such as her messy divorce, why and how she took almost a year off from her business and ended up driving uber cars, why you need to get over the shame of self-promotion and how to do it.

Vas also shares some of her best tips for landing big media appearances and gigs and how you can do it too! 

After this episode we teamed up to host a mini-course to help you take these topics to action. You don't get what you want by waiting around for it. Let's hustle. 

The Permission to Hustle™ mini-course is FREE and we'll show you step-by-step how to create the success you want. In 5 lessons or less :) 

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Apr 5, 2016

This past weekend I attended an event in Vegas that was the culmination of a program I worked through during Q1 of this year called 90 Day Year, with Todd Herman. 

It was an epic weekend to say the least where I connected with some incredible humans and entrepreneurs who are all doing amazing and world changing things. 

I took over 40 pages of notes...not even kidding. And I want to share some of those knowledge bombs and insights with you through the podcast and in my FREE community as well as special insights for people who are on my VIP list through the Permission to Hustle™ mini-course.  

In this episode I share some of my biggest takeaways from keynote speaker, Brian Smith, founder of UGG. He spoke about birthing a business and how we cannot give birth to an adult! 

Why do we try to do this all the time? I'll walk you through what this all really means for you in this episode. 

He has 5 big lessons in his talk and this is just one of them, so imagine how much else I have to share with you over the next few months about this event. 

Sign up here for the Permission to Hustle™ mini-course and get instant access to the first part of this 5 part series. Best part? It's FREE and it's going to get you BIG RESULTS if you take action.